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Gran Reserva

Portrait of a memorable harvest

Only patience can contain the desire of a memorable vintage. Time seems to stand still in the wonderful intimacy of the barrel. Solitary, unique, exquisite. Emotion in the face of an extraordinary, inimitable masterpiece.

Ontañón Gran Reserva. Colección Clásicos

Time, patience, our


The Ontañón Gran Reserva is something unique. This wine is supported in weightless time in an evolution totally marked by patience, in which the rhythms of nature, seemingly at a standstill, evolve subtly by allying tannins and polyphenols through a symphony of unparalleled, unique, inimitable sensations. Creating a great wine is a thrilling challenge, a journey through time in which each step appears with a new challenge to overcome, like a great challenge in which man speaks with nature in a succession of vicissitudes that have their own rhythm and which only time is able to bring together. The Ontañón Gran Reserva is our fingerprint.
Gabriel Pérez, bodeguero de Ontañón Familia

Gabriel Pérez, winemaker of Ontañón Familia.

Made to last a long time

“Spicy notes, intense spices, with orange zest, animal notes and truffles. Delicious, complex, fresh, long and very open, with an appetising finish. A great wine, made to last a long time”.

Pedro Ballesteros (Master of Wine) in Decanter.

Los cielos de los viñedos de Ontañón en la Sierra de Yerga

The skies of the Ontañón vineyards in the Sierra de Yerga.

Origin, vineyard, soils

The grapes for Ontañón Gran Reserva spring from admirable vineyards, estates at a high altitude in the Sierra de Yerga that favour very slow ripening which fix the aromatic compounds and which provide a perfect balance between acidity and structure. It is in the vineyard that this wine’s vocation for longevity begins and is set. Vineyards like La María, forty-year old tempranillos; or Los Almendros, from where an exceptional graciano springs. Or La Pasada, the iconic Ontañón estate, or El Pozo, the watchword of Rioja graciano…

Selection, care, perfect berries

In this wine the manual grape picking is crucial. The vines are selected prior to harvesting, carefully choosing the grapes and bunches, one by one, on sorting tables. Only perfect berries go into the vats. After the fermentations, the wine is aged in the barrel cellar and bottle store of our Templo del Vino for at least five years. We work with French- and American-oak casks of the highest quality.
Minucioso trabajo en la sala de barricas
Detailed work in the barrel room.


Great depth of colour, very Deep, bright and clean with a ruby red hue and brick red glints around the rim denoting its long ageing. Reddish glints also appear which show its ageing and evolution.
On the nose it reveals sweet tertiary aromas with good rounding in the bottle. You can find marked dark fruit with notes of cocoa and tobacco. It excels thanks to its enormous complexity, with mineral and balsamic sensations. Black fruit and spicy aromas.
The complexity of this wine means that its bouquet evolves inside the glass opening up with the passing of time. It is very rounded on the palate with very smooth, juicy tannins and very lively acidity from the fruit which is perfectly integrated by the ageing process. A long, lingering finish. It is recommended that this wine is decanted.

14 % Alc. by Vol.

Ontañón Gran Reserva. Colección Clásicos


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