Tasting Room from Ontañón Family Wines(English)

The Pérez Cuevas Family, founders of Bodegas Ontañón, has been connected with the land and with wine for over 80 years. In those days they made their own wine in a Hermit´s cave-type wine cellar.  Their passion for The Wine led them to share it with the rest of the world and that is why they founded “El Templo del Vino”. The did not just create a winery for making and ageing wine, but rather a special place, looked after by The God of Wine and Mythological Heroes in the form of huge sculptures, paintings and stained glass, where the wine of The Ontañon Family attains its maximum expression.

If you want, we open the doors of “El Templo del Vino”. An entertaining free tour around the wine tanks, casks and cellar.

  • Offered from Monday to Friday at 11:00 AM 
  • Price : 25 €/person (4 essential Ontañón wines; Tempranillo Blanco, Antología Subzonal red wine, Reserva and Marco Fabio late harvest sweet wine. Incluyed 3 tapas; White sausage cooking with Tempranillo Blanco, Matured red pepper and cheese )
  • Group size:  from one person
  • Reservation Required- At least 24 hous in advance

Here we are! in Logroño, La Rioja. Come to visit us and enjoy them!

You could come:

-By Car with Google Maps: Bodegas Ontañón, El Templo del Vino.

-By Taxi: Aprox 9 minutes from The Center of Logroño to the winery

-By Bus: Line 2 (To Varea and last stop, called Artesanos)



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