Organics is a tribute to the land from which our wine comes

Our lifetime duty is to protect and look after the nature that surrounds us because every part of it is represented in our wines. Every single mountain, piece of soil or raindrop plays an intrical part in the making of our wines.

perez cuevas family

We are extremely proud that we tend to our vineyards in the most sustainable and efficient way possible. Nature, expressed so beautifully in Ontañon wines, keeps the family tradition alive by embracing the work in the vineyard. We believe it is our duty to preserve it, handing down this incredible legacy from our predecessors

100% ECO Challenge

What does it mean that our vineyards are organic?

When we employ practices to help the vines fight against their natural enemies and pests, the products selected won’t be chemically synthesized in a laboratory or genetically modified in any way. Our methods for mitigating invasive pests are all natural and the most suitable for an efective result while provoking the least-negative consequences possible on the environment.

The requirements to obtain organic certification imply that our vineyards are subject to very strict controls that guarantee the compliance of EU regulations with regard to organic products.

We already own several organic vineyards and it is our goal to convert all of them to 100% certified organic in the very near future.


All of these are constant challenges we accept daily, and we keep learning and transferring knowledge from one generation to another for the better.

  1. We are always motivated and dedicated to the responsibility of taking care of our natural resources. Our team is always attuned to improving and being industry leaders in the area of sustainable viticulture at Ontañon.
  2. Our team is comprised of a high ratio of women, many of them in executive positions.
  3. The different nationalities of our team contribute to diversity, respect and enriching experiences: Brasil, China, Ecuador, Spain, USA, France, Morocco, Nigeria, Romania…
  4. We are seriously commited to balancing work and family life.
  5. Through the installation of solar panels in all our facilities, more than a half of the energy Ontañon consumes comes from this source. In the coming years we will be investing even more in these types of renewable energy sources to supply our winery.
  6. In the meantime, it is 100% guaranteed by our energy supplier that we use only « green energy »
  7. We are a carbon neutral operation, meaning our facilities no longer emit CO2 to the atmosphere.
  8. The watering systems in our vineyards are supplied through solar power
  9. The technological innovation regarding the vineyard is part of our daily work, thus we adapt our cultivation techniques and our vineyards to the hazards of climate change.
  10. We support the natural biodiversity looking out for the indigenous fauna and flora, and the cultivation of olive trees nearby our vineyards, which are already an image linked to our brand.
  11. We pay attention to damaging soil erosion and reduce the carbon footprint by replanting pine forests over 50 hectares of our land
  12. Furthermore, our facilites are situated in rural areas : Aldeanueva de Ebro (2.732 inhabitants), Fitero (2.017 inhabitants), Quel (2.011 inhabitants) and Fuentecén (227 inhabitants), encouraging the attachment to small- and medium-scale towns.