What do we mean by Tribute to the Wine at Ontañon ?

Our homage to wine is intended to be fun and aimed at all of those interested in learning more about this world. It is our way of expressing admiration for everything wine evokes and teaches us to appreciate, in nature, life, inspiration, culture, art, music, spirituality and friendship…


We want to encourage and create a community of wine lovers to enjoy this magical elixir.

Pérez Cuevas

The Pérez Cuevas family has been commited to the land for more than 80 years. Ever since, it was first made in their ancient winery located in Quel, their village of origin, and more specifically in the old neighborhood where local wineries had been making wine traditionally for over 300 years.

As time passed, they felt the need to share and spread their respect and awe for these wines with the rest of the world. Under this premise, they established Ontañon – El Templo del Vino in Logroño. This is as much a museum as a winery, where our wines are aged under the vigilant watch of ancient gods and legendary heroes, personified in sculpture, stained glass and paintings.

Wine has been present in our culture for ages, and has been closely aligned with the history of mankind. Our « Culto al Vino » pays homage to this fact.

Our tribute to Wine

Is Art

Wine is inspiration. It embraces a wide artistic universe around it. In Ontañon – Templo del Vino, you shall discover sculptures, paintings and stained glass related to wine mythology.

Our tribute to Wine

Is Organics

The affection and care of nature is part of our tribute to wine.