Rippa Dorii Los Curas

D.O. Rueda

Rippa Dorii Geografías Los Curas

80% from the tank blend and 20% from the oak barrel one
13.5 % Vol.
100% Verdejo
75 cl.


The process begins in the harvest. At night. To take advantage of the cool of darkness and for the grapes to reach the winery in optimum condition. Los Curas is less than five kilome- tres from the RIPPA DORII wine cellar and this makes things much easier. The grapes are cool when they arrive at the winery but it’s important to help them by cooling them down a few degrees more. In this way the extraction from the pressing is as rich as possible and a greater amount of aromas are transmitted to the must. By keeping the must at tempera- tures below 14-16 degrees, fermentation does not start and therefore its cleaning and stabilization happens by decantation. Thereby, a natural racking that does not subtract any richness or complexity from the wine. In this way, we ensure that the fermentation is as clean and natural as possible, without undesirable aromatic contamination, smooth and without temperature peaks that could affect the elegance and finesse of Los Curas to be as faithful as possible to the texture of the soil of such a privileged place. The racking occurs naturally and extends for more than twelve hours of maceration. Part of the wine is fermented with its finest lees in stainless steel tanks, and another part is fermented and aged in french oak barrels. In both cases for six months. The final blend of Los Curas wine is a mixture of both wines, with 80% from the tank blend and 20% from the oak barrel one.

Tasting Notes

COLOUR. A very bright, greenish-yellow colour with golden glints.

AROMA. Very inviting on the nose with complex aromas of aniseed and fennel over a creamy base which shapes the overall impression. Reminders of lemon fruit gums, slight honeyed notes of orange blossom and purple hearts sweets. Tropical fruit such as passion fruit coming through. An endless palette of aromas.

TASTE. A supple, juicy mouth-feel with a long finish with a very fine touch of bitterness in the tail. Juicy at the end with excellent acidity. Well –balanced on the palate with a sweeti- sh attack, body and a fresh, juicy finish. Very, very long.


Rueda, synonymous with wine since ancient times