Rippa Dorii Crianza

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Rippa Dorii Crianza

Twelve months in the cask with 30% made of American oak and 70% French oak, in which we alternate different degrees of toasting
14.5 % Vol.
100% Tempranillo
75 cl.


The first selection is made in the vineyard. We take advantage of the higher, cooler zones where we can ensure slower, gentler ripening of the fruit. We can use the vineyards on the high heathland at an altitude of over nine hundred metres above sea level. The date of the harvest is always decided by testing the grapes.

Maceration: The grapes are macerated at 10oC for three days prior to fermentation.

Alcoholic fermentation: We spread it over 18 days with temperatures between 22 and 26oC with daily pumping over and stirring of the lees.

Malolactic fermentation: :We divide it into lots and it takes place in both tanks at the beginning of fermentation and in barrels at the end.

Twelve months in the cask with thirty per cent made of American oak and seventy per cent French oak, in which we alternate different degrees of toasting. All the casks are either used for the first time (50%) or for one previous wine (50%).


COLOUR. Intense magenta-coloured robe with ruby glints. It stains the glass and the tears are very persistent.

AROMA. Intensity and complexity of fruit and wood, blueberries, blackberries, vanilla and nutmeg. Hints of pastries and toffee. You can appreciate the elegance of the limestone and the stones of the high heathland of Fuentecén.

GUSTO. Intense, fresh and deep on the palate. It has a very pleasant, persistent attack. A large number of caudalies means you remember the wine for a long time. In the retronasal phase the balance of fruit and wood, elegance and greatness, predominate.


heart of the ribera region.