DO Rueda

Rueda is an area that is predominantly flat, sitting atop a long plateau with a smooth topographic relief, laden with soils of sand and gravel. Winters in Rueda are long and cold, leading up to the torridly hot summers. In speaking about Rueda, we are speaking about the Verdejo grape. Verdejo is perfectly adapted to these extreme conditions. As a result we harvest our Verdejo at night to preserve the intense aromatics, acidity and freshness of this variety.

1. La Seca

  • Varietal : Verdejo

La Seca is located 750 meters above sea level in the center of the Rueda D.O. La Seca is planted to 100% Verdejo, grown in soils of sand and gravel. The vegetation of the vines helps protect the clusters from the hot summer sun. Budbreak here is a bit late, but after a few weeks time, it manages to catch up with the rest of the vineyards and achieves a perfect maturation, despite the intense sunshine. The huge difference in temperatures between day and night makes the Verdejo ripen fully without losing its acidity.

2. Torreduero

  • Varietals : Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo

The village of Torrecilla de la Abadesa inspired us to name our wines from Rueda, Dominio de la Abadesa. Nearby we find the Torreduero vineyard at 700 meters of altitude, surrounded by pine forests, ever extensive vineyard land as well as fields of grain. This is a sand-rich land located on a gentle slope close to Duero river. Sauvignon Blanc and Verdejo share the spotlight in this plot, but Sauvignon stands out in particular with elegant and intense aromas, and fresh acidity which is apparent in our wines.

3. Los Curas

  • Varietals : Verdejo, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc

The Los Curas vineyard is over 30 years old, planted at 730 meters of altitude and contains a little bit of Verdejo, coexisting with Viura and Sauvignon Blanc. It is in fact many vineyards in one. Each variety demands different conditions and the adapation of these varieties are checked year after year in order to monitor its progress. Los Curas is comprised of very old vines re-grafted onto Verdejo vines in order to preserve their depth, root structure, as well as to retain the specific characteristics of the Rueda denomination.