Art is our tribute to wine

Art is our tribute to wine

Visiting our winery is an exciting experience that awakens your senses and passes on wine knowledge in an entertaining and educational way.

Wine is inspiration. It embraces a wide artistic universe around it. In Ontañon – Templo del Vino, you shall discover sculptures, paintings and stained glass related to wine mythology. Furthermore you can attend music concerts, book presentations, different rituals to welcome the upcoming seasons and a myriad of cultural events.

Mythology in Ontañon

In the main facade of our winery, the formidable sculpture of Ganimedes (the gods’ cupbearer) rises up in all his glory. Once inside, a beautiful scenery unfolds where a vast number of works of art dedicated to gods and heroes of bygone eras can be contemplated.
These pieces from the artist Miguel Angel Sainz profoundly inspired the artistic nature of Ontañon.

Flamenco concerts

Since 1966, this “flamenco music’’ festival held in Logroño is organized by Teatro Bretón and sponsored by us.

Flamenco and wine are the perfect combo of passion and pure emotion at the same time.

Some of the concerts take place in our facilities and furthermore, the recognised journalist Pablo García Mancha interviews the artists in different spots of the winery.